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Excellence Sets Us Apart

There are a shocking number of knockoff tool makers out there, often using poor quality materials to craft look-alike products for sale on the mass consumer market. While some of these tools might perform similarly to their licensed counterparts for the first few uses, you’ll soon be wishing you invested in the original.

Unfortunately, actually finding properly licensed tools can be difficult, since many companies are perfectly comfortable selling knockoffs in place of high-quality, licensed tools, often marking up prices and pocketing the profit rather than actually providing customers with a quality product. If you’ve encountered this problem yourself, and are looking for a reliable maker of licensed Torx® tools and screws, you’ve come to the right place.

Unlike the other guys, we’ve made a commitment to excellence that has helped us build our brand, a successful business, and a loyal base of satisfied customers. You see, what sets us apart is our commitment to excellence since our tools are actually licensed! Our Torx® tools and screws are made to the exact specifications that have been standardized worldwide, so you can be sure any product you buy from us will be the best and highest quality option available to you.

What’s the Difference? Torx® vs. Knockoff Brands

Torx® is a registered trademark of Acument Global Technologies, meaning that the lawful and certified production of Torx® products must be done by licensees adhering to Acument’s strict and exacting specifications. Acument regulates Torx® products worldwide, so no matter where you go, you can rely on Torx® products to always perform to the same high standards you expect.

Knockoff brands are not regulated, meaning their design specifications are left entirely up to the creators. Because of this, knockoffs of Torx® brand tools and screws are often improperly made, combining weak materials and incorrect design features to create substandard products. Worst of all, knockoff tools are unreliable, often coming out inconsistent with a variety of dimensions, materials, and durability. Knockoffs will often break, destroy other tools, or simply not get the job done correctly, forcing you to either live with bad results or find a new supplier of better quality supplies.

Basically, purchasing licensed Torx® products from the very start will help you save time and money.

Why Choose Torx® Tools?

Wondering whether Torx® products might be right for your work? Since their invention more than half a century ago, Torx® products have been a popular choice in the automotive, electronics, and construction industries. Torx® screws feature a six-pointed star-shaped head, and cannot be used with traditional Phillips or flathead screwdrivers. Unlike traditional hex screws, Torx® screws feature a circumferential force that is closer to 90°, which helps to prevent slipping.


You might have noticed that we’re pretty proud of the quality of our Torx® tools, and that’s because we are! Our Torx® products are made to the incredibly high standards of Acument Global Technologies. Our tools and products are consistently excellent, so you never have to worry about getting a bad batch or seeing changes to materials and durability.

Besides consistent and reliable design and quality, you can always rely on Torx® for easy to understand measurements, since the “T” numbering system for Torx® is the same whether the product is English or Metric. Torx® heads range from size T1 to T100, with the most common sizes including T10, T15, and T25.

Prevent Cam-Out

Phillips head screws are designed to prevent overtightening by forcing the screwdriver out of the screw once the desired tightness has been reached; this process is referred to as ‘cam-out’. While Phillips head screws are designed to encourage cam-out, Torx® screws do just the opposite and are designed to prevent cam-out, instead encouraging the screw to reach max tightness and reducing wear and tear on both screw and screwdriver.

Since cam-out is prevented with the use of Torx® tools, driver bits remain in good condition for longer. Use of Torx® tools in industrial settings can help to improve the lifespan of your tools, reducing purchasing costs over time and making Torx® one of the most cost competitive options currently available. With Torx®, you’ll be able to create long-lasting results without putting any unnecessary stress on yourself or your tools.

How Torx is Used?

Torx® tools are ideal in a variety of applications, from automobile and motorcycle manufacturing to consumer electronics like computer systems, and even construction. Torx® tools are easy to use, long-lasting, and reliable, making them the preferred tools of choice for companies everywhere. While Torx® tools are excellent in everyday applications where you might otherwise use traditional screws, Torx® can also be used for specialized applications.

Tamper-resistant Torx® products feature special features that make them impossible to remove without the right equipment, and are especially helpful for applications requiring added security. To prevent straight drivers from being inserted, some tamper-resistant Torx® screws feature a post in the center. Others are designed with tines on the exterior, requiring a specialized Torx® socket tool rather than a typical driver tool.

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