Get a quote and compare to retail Torx suppliers

Attention: Fastener Distributors

We can Drop-ship your order directly to your customer with a packing list and shipping label that show you as the vendor. We will affix Custom Labels with any information you need such as part numbers and description.

This is a Value-Added Service we provide that will save you time and money. Our relationship is with you, our customer. Your relationship is with your customer.

How It Works

1.Customized Shipping Label is Applied

Your customized label will be placed on the shipment and shipped directly to your customer with absolutely no mention of “Torx Products”.

2. Customized Packing List is Safely Attached

Your customer will receive their order complete with all information you required.

3. Confirmation and Invoice is Sent Directly to You same day.

A confirmation will be emailed or faxed to you with all relevant information so you can invoice your customers directly.

Savings To You